What Sign Should Your Store Front Have?

You’ve revamped your logo, opened a new business, moved into a new office space, or maybe you’re just looking for something more modern to draw more foot traffic into your store. Your temporary "coming soon" banner is ready to be replaced with a more permanent option.  Signs are an important component that businesses need to be seen. However, signs are more than just words used to communicate information such as your store name. Towns have set strict sign regulations requiring applications, permits, fees, size requirements, and even approval for commercial companies to promote their business. The purpose of these regulations are to promote visual cohesiveness of the streetscape, and to be balanced with the architecture of each building. For many companies fitting the vision for their storefront into this equation becomes quite the task. Reading through the regulations can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never selected a sign before. What’s the difference between illuminated halo lighting on channel letters and internally illuminated channel letters? How do you shield lighting so only the face of a sign is lit? That is why sign companies like Black Bird Design exist.  If you are feeling overwhelmed with permits, regulations, and options call Black Bird today. We help make your vision a reality and take all the leg work out of the equation for you. 

To give you a better idea of sign options out there, below are just a few examples of popular signs that businesses use today:

1. Contour Cut Vinyl on Aluminum Faced Board is a great cost effective option for new businesses. Still durable, easily replaced, and gives a great finished look. 

2.  Internally Illuminated Channel Letters are a great option for many commercial businesses that are located in shopping plazas, and are looking for a different feel from the street. 

3. Internally Illuminated Halo Lit Channel Letters give channel letters a different look as they do not light on the face of the letters, but from behind. 

4. Flat Cut Acrylic with Stand Offs are great for inside of buildings behind reception areas, on a store front, or just to add some flare to options like the one pictured!

5. Formed Plastic Letters  are becoming quite the trend, gooseneck lightening illuminates the letters at night, they are durable, and cost effective. 

6. High Density Urethane  signs are my personal favorite and the most wanted sign out there! They may look like wood, but they are much more durable. Expect to spend a little more upfront, but these signs are the hot commodity and are used in villages, city streets, and even apartment complexes