Top Promotional Items For Your Business

Let's face it. We've all spent hundreds of dollars promoting our businesses trying to get our name out there circulating the town. Whether it's a window display to promote your big sale, a brochure to showcase your work, or going to trade shows to show off your goods... we have all done it. But how do we know that the money we have invested is worth it? What items should we be giving to consumers in hopes that they are not thrown into the garbage as soon as that person returns home? Promotional items are not just promotional items. You can purchase the cheapest product from an online vendor to slap your logo on, and within 1 day your consumer will throw it out.  Put just a little more effort into these products and they will be used time and time again keeping your company top of mind. Black Bird Design is focused around print work for companies to help them be seen. We have helped hundreds of businesses in Rochester, NY and have a pretty decent idea of what works. Here's our top ten items and a few words about them. 

1.  Apparel

Having your logo screen printed, or embroidered across a t-shirt or hoodie gives you extremely high exposure. People wear promotional apparel at work, to the gym, to the store, everywhere they go. Ever throw on a hoodie because your cold and have no direct relation to the company that has their logo printed across it? Where did you get it? You have no idea! Why did it save it? Because its a heavy sweatshirt, and you never know when you'll need one. If there is one solid piece of advice that Black Bird can give you about promotional apparel, it's to spend the extra couple of cents to get a shirt made of quality fabric. So many companies opt for the cheap of the cheap t-shirts that are stiff and feel like sand paper. Odds are that free give away you spent hundred of dollars on will end up being used as a rag on the garage floor of someones house with your logo balled up and covered in grease. If you wanted to give away rags you should buy rags. If you spend just a little bit more people will save your shirt and throw it on when they have to run to the store, or even go for a jog in it. Your logo will be seen... mission accomplished! 

2. Tote Bags On Tote Bags

If there is one item I love to promote to our clients it's TOTE BAGS! Do yourself a favor and give these out at your next trade show. Seriously, trust me. Trade shows consist of consumers walking around table to table stuffing their arms full of promotional products from various vendors until they can't carry anything more. Give them a bag and what will they do? Use it! Recently Black Bird participated in a trade show and gave away drawstring back packs. Within minutes people were walking around the show with our bags strapped to their backs stuffed with our competitors products. Promotional bags are welcomed by recipients because they are useful products. The most popular types include  tote bags,  drawstring backpacks, and computer bags. More importantly, after the show they will return home and stuff the bag in a kitchen cabinet or on a shelf in their basement. The bag will come out at some point whether it's a trip to the beach, the grocery store, to the gym. Either way, it comes out again and is not in the garbage. 

3. Clicky Pens and Styluses

Every person needs a pen, so why not give them one with your logo sprawled across it. My purse is packed full of pens all of which were not purchased at the store. Every pen has a logo from a company I have worked with, purchased from, or was lucky to find one that of the right quality to make it into my purse. Key words in that sentence are "the right quality." No one wants your clicky pen made of incredibly light plastic with ink that cuts in and out while you write with it. Give me one of those and I will throw it out within 5 seconds of using it. Like apparel, pens are one of those items that if you're going to do it... do it right. If you add a stylus on the top of the pen you've made it into my go to pen pile. You know, the one you use for everything and when it runs out of ink you're incredibly disappointed for a few minutes while searching through your bag or desk for one that's comparable. 

4. Office Supplies

Print companies know that promotional office accessories are always a win. Sticky- notes, card holders, and mouse pads will be displayed across the desks of worker bees everywhere. We all know a useful product when we see one. Sticky-notes are one of them, who knows when you will need to jot down a quick note to yourself. Do not discredit the simple items. These are the ones that are useful and people will keep around. 

5. Anything To Hold Some Liquid

Ahh the beloved coffee mug! I myself have about 5 in my kitchen cabinet right now. One of which was an over priced coffee vessel that is used every morning at 7:45 like clock work. The other 4 are freebees that were given to me with other companies logos on them. Whenever I leave my overpriced vessel at the office out comes one of those freebees for the world to see all while advertising for the company that was smart enough to put their logo on it. Travel mugs can be pricey at the store, so a free one is always something to cherish. My next favorite? Children's cups. I'm not talking about the sippy cup your 1 year old uses while trotting around the house. I'm talking about the plastic cup that your 5 year old uses to drink their milk out of at dinner. Maybe it's a plastic one that changes color with changes in temperature. Either way, people will use them. Water bottles, tumblers, glassware, and shot glasses are great as well.  

6. Notebooks & Portfolios

Never underestimate the power of a good notebook. One of my co-workers had a leather bound notebook, with a heavy stock on the inside, and a silk string book mark. On the front was an advertisement for a company that wasn't our own, but let me tell you, if she didn't use it I would have. Notebooks are a great investment for a company trying to be seen. People will carry them around with them, use them for meetings.. heck maybe put them in their portfolio to write on. Nevertheless, if you purchase a good quality notebook (not the crappy ones from online vendors that sell you tissue paper pages for half the cost) people will use them and tote them around everyday. 

People are always looking for something to put their stock pile of notes in and try to be organized. A portfolio is a great way to keep your name in front of them every single day, give them a great clicky pen to go with it and you're all set. 

7. Magnets

Magnets are one of those things that you slap onto your refrigerator or file cabinet when you get it and you then forget about it. Not realizing that you see it every single day. The moment you need a plumber, or are looking to order a pizza- where do you look? That's right! At the magnet on your refrigerator. They come in a a wide variety of shapes and sizes, the most popular being business card magnets, memo-pad magnets, and calendars. 

8. Electronic Accessories

USB flash drives, cell phone chargers, and cell phone holders are in high demand and loved across the board. If you want to ensure your product gets used order cell phone chargers. Sure they are a little more expensive than handing out a pen, but I bet my savings that it won't get thrown out. The next big product on the horizon? Cell phone wallets. A simple silicone 3M adhesive stuck to the back of a cell phone and BOOM no more wallet! Keep your eyes out folks, you'll be seeing these popping up. If you have not ordered them yet, I bet you will be very soon!

9. Sporting Goods and Accessories

Who doesn't love a good golf ball, or a bag of golf tees? These are great items to hand out at spring and summer events. Once fall rolls around switch gears and look into stadium cushions, and blankets as these are items that will be used time and time again! 

10.  Tool Accessories

Want to put your logo on something useful? Screw driver sets, multi tools, and tape measures are a great hand out. For those cold wintery months you can give out ice scrapers that can easily be thrown into a glove box. 


 There is a reason why companies are investing in these products, if you are interested in ordering materials for your next big event, trade show, or just to have to sprinkle around where ever you go call us today at 585-354-4473 or contact us here!