It happened. I Melissa Kane had left my job. I was valued as an employee, had a steady income, and benefits. But walked out the door feeling empowered ready to take on the world. Why? I made the choice to make the plunge into entrepreneurship. I was becoming the CO-Founder of Black Bird Design. Black Bird Design is a print company focused around screen printing, promotional products, print services, and signage for your store front, windows, or event. Basically, anything you want to put your logo on, we print. Excited I was, Black Bird was a healthy growing company run Brady Fogle my partner in life, and now in business.

The next day I was whistling a new tune. Worry. Our lively hood was riding solely on Black Bird Design. I had realized that owning a business is like jumping out of an airplane without knowing if you have a parachute. We were a steady company for years, and as soon as I joined I was so worried that the business was going to collapse. I had said bye to my health insurance, 401K, and steady income. How was I going to ensure that we didn’t fail?


We had a great client base but it was time to add new clients. I reached out to anyone that would take my call to set a meeting, network, or even grab coffee, anything I could do to get our name out there. 


I developed a sales plan. Brady had built a great company, but was not a sales man by nature. Sure I was setting appointments, but I had to develop a strategy. What was the purpose of the meeting? How could I turn people into clients? What made Black Bird Design different than other print companies? These are a few of the things you need to answer to develop a sales strategy. 


I couldn’t think wonder if I was going to fail. My only thought was how will I succeed? There taking off a Tuesday because I could. There was no relaxing like anticipated. I was working harder than ever, and that part never stopped.


My mentor once told me “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do.” I had a plan, the steps I wanted to take, and when I wanted to achieve each by. I knew exactly what road I planned to go down. 

By the end of week one I was again empowered. My head was up, I didn’t care I had a parachute because I knew I wasn’t going to fall. If you are starting your own business, looking for tips to grow your client base, or looking to network contact me at and always remember to Print Local.