The For a Day Foundation

Black Bird Design is ecstatic that we are able to give back to the community! There are so many charities and non-profits out there that are looking for support. How do you choose which charity is right for your organization? Do you want to help with people struggling with addiction, children, animals, poverty, illness? Whatever your passion is you have to first find it, and then be prepared and want to dedicate time and energy into it.  

I am Melissa Kane, the Co-Owner of Black Bird Design. I have been looking for an organization I can stand behind and enjoy the time I spend with those also volunteering their time. The For a Day Foundation is focused on engaging and supporting children in the hospital with their programs in efforts to for a day take their minds away from the realities of their illnesses and everyday hospital routines. More importantly, create memories for these children that they can cherish and hopefully pick up their spirits on a day they may need it to.  I am new to this organization and on August 29th I will be at my first hospital visit with the Syracuse and Rochester chapter of The For a Day Foundation to spend time with children that are currently at the Golisano Children's Hospital in Syracuse. At this visit we will spend the day painting fingernails, applying makeup, tiaras, and boas to multiple children! Those not interested in being pampered get to dress up as super heros, and feel powerful for the day!

Black Bird is so excited to be apart of this mission. We have donated on behalf of our company and are now reaching out to our contacts to do the same. Below please find a list of supplies we need August 29th to help brighten the day of a child! If you are interested in donating please contact me at  You can also donate directly to our chapter to help get us off the ground! 

Approximately 20 of each of the following products are needed. Children keep the products that are used on them so if you would like to donate more than 20 please do!

  • eyeshadow - new, hypoallergenic, unopened, various colors
  • blush - new, hypoallergenic, unopened, various colors
  • lipstick/gloss - new, hypoallergenic, unopened, various colors
  • nail polish - new, unopened, various colors
  • nail polish remover - just two bottles, non-acetone
  • cotton balls & q-tips - just two bags/cartons of these, for make-up application & nail polish remover
  • emory boards - 1-2 packages 
  • small mirrors - 3-5, handheld or tabletop. Nothing large, just something for the kids to use after their make-over
  • superhero gifts - see our Amazon wish list (you can either have them shipped to you & meet me to pick them up or request my address & have them shipped directly to me)






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